The Buffalo River is the nation’s first national river, and is the top tourist attraction in the state of Arkansas. The Buffalo River Regional Chamber was created as a tourism-centered chamber to better promote the region. We work at providing a comprehensive guide for visitors to easily find the services they are looking for. We are business owners of cabins, lodges, campgrounds, RV parks, restaurants, stores, plus we offer horseback riding, zip lining, canoe/kayak/raft/boat rentals, fishing guides, and a wide variety of tourist opportunities to explore.

Our website offers you one-stop shopping for your visit to the region. The Buffalo River area extends 135 miles from Boxley Valley to the White River, and it can be confusing to newcomers. Our site has been divided by upper, middle and lower river to make it easier for you to find services where you plan to visit. We want to get the word out on what a unique place the river is and once you experience it, you will want to return year after year.

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Our Buffalo River Chamber is more than a membership organization.  Our members provide excellent customer service by promoting and making referrals to other members.  We need your involvement to offer visitors a full river experience.

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Our website provides equal space and attention to all businesses.  Very small businesses are given the same respect as large businesses.

As a tourism-centered chamber, we have structured our website to be the ultimate attraction site for the Buffalo National River region. Our website is a tool for visitors to make sense of Buffalo National River, nearby Ozark National Forest lands, and AGFC WMAs near our corridor. We provide details about attractions.

Together We Will Make the Buffalo National River a National Attraction

Join us in our vision to elevate the Buffalo National River to compete head-to-head with better known venues like the Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountain National Park.

We are offering amazing benefits for the price, but we also need active members. We need your support in suggesting content and providing local insights to improve our website.

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